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Services that don't rely on a manual based system.

Do you often experience this?

It’s not just limited to the IT industry, but if you contact a helpdesk to try and get a problem solved, the process that you have to go through before getting to the core of the problem is too long. Also, since the staff of the helpdesk are too dependent on following a manual, if the problem is a bit complicated or irregular then they have difficulty in trying to understand what the problem is & what needs to be done to get it resolved · · · In the end you’ve just wasted a lot of time. Of course, processes, manuals, etc., are very important for customer service & security etc., however in these days where there is so much information available & the complications that come with that we believe that more flexible services and answers are required.

Especially since our customers are mostly International Companies that have Offices around the world, the range of the problems are huge & each customer’s inquiries & requests are different. We therefore cannot rely on a manual based system.

In 1999 we launched our business in Tokyo providing bilingual (English & Japanese) IT Consulting Services. Over the many years since our establishment we have provided flexible services & never relied on a manual based system for support.

As the IT Industry continues to evolve each day we at NetGration will continue to stay ahead & provide flexible services. We are honored to be working with many companies from around the world & hope you’ll join us too.

Paul Laing (Managing Director)